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I am tentatively re-opening character commissions, and traditional commissions. Book cover commissions have been given first priority. I'm open to discussion, but probably can't start anything for a few weeks. With character commissions I may be a bit picky as I burnt myself out the last time - I love commissions, but I started feeling like I was painting things that felt like 'work'. I wasn't enjoying the process, even though I loved working with the clients and gave my all to the piece.

My current prices can be found on my website (I don't do fan art, and I don't do points or free work). Please contact me via email as I don't regularly check notes here…

Traditional art

Digital Character Portraits
I got sidetracked on answering an email (20/12 - Christmas madness happened), and now the email bounces. So Ellen F, if you see this message, please contact me again
I've had a number of people asking about my commission prices. As I'm going to be overhauling my site (hopefully over the next few days), I thought I'd upload them here while things may be in flux.

Please note that I have a bit of a waiting list and probably won't be able to start any new work until early 2015. Things are flexible, commissions sometimes fall through, but unfortunately I can't take on any work for Christmas presents given my current schedule. Book cover work takes precedence of character commissions.

Just a quick note to say that my website may be down for a bit as I move DNS providers. Not sure if this will cause interruptions on my emails, but I'm still here
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was a very un-birthday day. I've spent the last five days in Victoria visiting my brother and his family, it was my nephew's first birthday, then my birthday two days later. So my birthday was spent returning home. It's a reasonably long journey, though it could be much worse. 2 hours flying, 2 and a bit hours in the car, oh and the hour or so getting to Mum's place in the first case! Lucky we did fly from the GC, someone drove onto the Brisbane airport runway and sent the whole place into disarray the day we flew out. We did however almost miss our flight. Two lines, we were waiting for the end... turns out they formed a continuing line for the gate right next to it so we got our names called o_O

Anyway, once we got there, it was time to play aunty with the nephew. I'd only seen Ollie when he was about 8 weeks old, so this visit was a lot more interactive! He's the kind of bubbly kid that is always laughing, is far too clever for his own good and can occupy himself easily (and I'm not a kid person!)

The Gippsland area where they live is beautiful. All farms, moo cows, horses, sheep, old farm houses and tiny colonial towns. It rained on and off, and the wind blows right through you, even with the sun out (winds off the Bass strait or off the snowfields). I know, nothing like Europe or the US where they get snow and stuff, but for someone who lives in the subtropics I was so happy to have cold weather! Bris-vegas, of course got cold that week... but daily temps of around 10C were awesome (Brisbane is 19C today, and that's considered cold). I could wear my coat and scarves and stuff, it was awesome :)

I saw a little Burmese cat at the B&B Ollies other inlaws were staying at, and I wanted to take it home. *sigh* I think they would have noticed meow-ing hand luggage. So apart from birthday dinners, driving around the country side, and relaxing, it was a pretty sedate holiday. We almost missed our flight home... more traffic than anticipated, a man having to basically strip down because he kept setting off the metal detectors, and the gate being right at the end of the terminal.... oh, and then we sat on the tarmac for ages as some poor soul either had a turn or a panic attack or something and we had to wait for the paramedics. But all in all, a good holiday, and now I have a mountain of commission work to catch up on, taxes to do, a new computer to purchase and assemble, and a bunch of laundry.

I needs a sleep!
I've been busily working away. Got some commissions I can't show, but in the mean time, I've got some sketches that are in my scrapbook from sketchfest. Not exactly much to write about. I've been getting back into the medieval gig and picked up some embroidery. I need new costumes cos a girl can never have too many clothes :) And... that's about it.

Dance to summon winds by NicoleCadet

Beautiful Alien speedpaint by NicoleCadet
So sketchfest January only produced one sketch, but  I was pretty happy with her. A friend commented about turning it into a painting, but I am probably the worst at finishing anything but commissioned pieces at the moment! The idea behind this was the cloth would be dark, unravelling to a blaze of light at the top of the page. I also played with some paper stumps which I haven't used since high school!
Night Unravels the day by NicoleCadet
Sketchfesting :) Available for sale Sketchfest site

Ixchel by NicoleCadet

Celitic Sidhe Witch pencil sketch - available for sale at Sketchfest
Celtic Sidhe Witch by NicoleCadet
Commissions are still officially closed. Life went a lot crazy, things did not quite pan out the way I expected so the mid year re-open has not happened yet.

2 different art styles, what to do?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 24, 2013, 5:26 PM

Still on sick leave. Just been to the vampires again to see how the new medication is treating me. It's hot and sticky weather atm, we're in Autumn (Fall for you US people :D) which means it should be getting colder, not still being 30C. Last night we had what I class as a "summer storm" blow through. I had friends sitting in the dark texting me last night, I switched off my computer while it roared through and started jotting down ideas for stories, which I'll probably be enthusiastic about for maybe a few weeks, before putting them aside again.

What have I been up to?

Nothing too exciting. While I'm not critically ill, there are much worse off people than me, feeling tired, nauseous and just worn out on a regular basis gets to be wearing. So mostly I take it easy, ride out the sickness, try and stay ahead of emails, work on my final few commission pieces, and consider what the heck I'm doing with my art.

Sketchfest is a good example of the duality I feel when it comes to painting.

I love digital illustration (I also love acrylics and oils) - mostly I love the highly refined realism that transports me to another place. I want to paint dragons, space ships, mythical beings, cover illustrations, card art. This tends to be the art I'm mostly commissioned for.

I also love watercolours. There is magic in this kind of illustration. I find myself wanting to paint goddesses and myths and fairy tales. This is often the art that sells prints, gets shared, gets the most interactive responses.

I feel like I come to this crossroad every 12 months. It matches the artist vs computer programmer. I'm beginning to think there is no easy way of choosing one over the other, simply to paint what works when I'm inspired, gear a portfolio for the kinds of commission work I want to do, and for the moment, just paint.

Maybe the rest will just come.

Sketchfest from last weekend
Waiting For The Spaceship by NicoleCadet   Self portrait as a fantasy creature 2013 by NicoleCadet   Willow Maiden by NicoleCadet

Some of my latest commissions (though currently closed, still finishing off scheduled commissions before I take a break again)
Sarah, the Cleric (Got Mace?) by NicoleCadet Karris by NicoleCadet Zabava watercolour ACEO commission by NicoleCadet Garkun watercolour ACEO commission by NicoleCadet Archaeologist bard character commission by NicoleCadet

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Commissions closed for a few months

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 1:15 PM

I'm closing commissions for a few months. At the moment I have a lot of work to do, so unless you are already on my list of current work, I'm unlikely to be able to take on your work. I will look at reopening around mid 2013.

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Sword's Call released

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2013, 4:14 PM

Sword's Call cover by NicoleCadet

The book has finally been released (I did the cover art for it last year). I got my copy last night, all loaded on the ereader! If you like fantasy and romance, please support the author and buy her book!

Check out her blog for details!

On other news, I briefly participated in sketchfest last weekend. It was fun just to sketch fun pretty pieces.

Purple character concept by NicoleCadet Lace, leather, feathers, fur speedpaint by NicoleCadet

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January update

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 21, 2013, 2:19 PM

Hi everyone, as always, thank you for the lovely comments, faves, watches and general communications. Each and every one is appreciated!

I hope everyone had a good break over the holidays. I had a very quiet one. Due to health reasons I've been taking things really easy. I hardly painted or drew, I didn't even game, despite having a couple of weeks off. Ah well, hopefully things will improve as I have commission work!

Sketchfest - only one sketch done... the urge for art has been somewhat subdued. That being said, although our temps have been much lower than some other cities in Australia, we have been melting through icky summer weather.

Rise speedpaint by NicoleCadet

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Sketchfest - November 2012

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 6, 2012, 12:20 AM

I got 6 sketches done this sketchfest. Most sold which was nice :) (… if you don't know what I'm talking about :) )

Necromancer sketch by NicoleCadet Gateway to fairyland sketch by NicoleCadet Wild wolf woman sketch by NicoleCadet Embrace the devil sketch by NicoleCadet Winter winds by NicoleCadet Sword maiden sketch by NicoleCadet

On other news, although I'm not convinced about the casting (purely on a shallow appearance basis), I'm looking forward to the Mortal Instruments movie (www.themortalinstrumentsmovie.… ). Oh, and the music for the trailer, sounds like the soundtrack to Sunshine (maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but I'm pretty sure it is because that is an absolute epic piece of music which I love... *EDIT* google fu proved me correct :) ). I'm re-reading the books for some light entertainment (I kind of tapered off when the Clockwork prince came out, so I guess I have some catching up to do, only read books 1-3 and then I started moving into science fiction books because to be frank I was kind of paranormal romance/ YA vampire fictioned out)

And still working my way through commissions, but just found a stack of half finished paintings from about 2008 that I'd like to actually finish... not because they're the most awesome pieces in the world, but because I hate having half finished pieces floating around, and I feel my painting skills are kind of close to where I needed to be several years ago to have finished them.

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Sketchfest August and September 2012

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 11:44 PM

Autmn Harvest by NicoleCadet Angel of morning by NicoleCadet Amongst the snow speedpaint by NicoleCadet River queen sketch by NicoleCadet Rana by NicoleCadet Rose Bower by NicoleCadet Magic by NicoleCadet Mask by NicoleCadet Sewing faerie by NicoleCadet

I try and participate in the monthly sketchfest (the above sketches were from the past two months, all took less than an hour, all from random prompts provided by anyone who wan't to leave a prompt).

More items at my sketchfest gallery:…

Feature updated!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 11, 2012, 10:43 PM

:iconardanae: did a feature on her journal from her watchers , and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the featured artists!

Watcher Features up!!!**EDIT**
You guys are all so talented! It amazes me that you watch my account^^:love:. Anyway, it was very hard to narrow it down to just 10 places. I think I'll have to run this again to feature more of you:)
The places go to
1. :iconiolandabr:
2. :iconnicolecadet:
3. :iconmanillalu:
4. :iconTokala:
5. :iconfirstfruits:
6. :iconfureatsukasa: Couple by Furea93 Aqua by Furea93
7. :iconMartina-G: .She's like a rainbow. by Martina-G .She's lost control. by Martina-G
8. :iconwitchcats: lost in thoughts by witchcats Sweet Fanaa by witchcats
9. :iconelotta: The Transformation by elotta Joker Shirt by elotta
10. :iconNezumi-chuu: AH : Jun in Wonderland 03 by Nezumi-chuu Sittin and a Thinkin by Nezumi-chuu
Thank you all for commenting!
21 page comic

I thought I'd do something similar. I'll hold this open until Saturday, the 18th August so that maybe I'll scrape together at least 5 comments (I have a lot of lurkers, I'm guilty of lurking too!).

So this is how it will work.... I have a bunch of talented people who are on my watchers list, if you would like to be featured on my journal, put a link to a couple of pieces from your gallery in the comments below. I'll start with 5 people and do 2 images each, but if I get enough people, I'll increase it to 10 people. You may choose art, photos, writing, any deviation from your collection, or if you want me to choose, just link to your gallery.

Thanks for the responses guys :D I enjoyed looking at your work. Hope other people do too!Enjoy!!!

In order of comments  :)
1. :iconstarlitdream: Smog by starlitdream Queen Of Wind Elves - reissue by starlitdream

2. :iconsophia-christina: Wind Beneath My Wings by Sophia-Christina A Sailor's Friend? by Sophia-Christina
3. :iconmene: Sunday afternoon, Nov. 23rd by mene Hanakotoba - Chinese lady by mene
4. :icontheslavequeen: Lilah by TheSlaveQueen Rose Sketch book by TheSlaveQueen

And because I only got 5, I'll do Ardanae since she started this whole thing :)
5. :iconardanae:

Also, check out :thumb320697452: for more art love!!!

BTW, thank you for all the comments & faves! I appreciate them all and love reading through your comments

Commissions are open, but there is a bit of a waiting list at the moment!

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Aug 10, 2012, 4:12 AM

So, this weekend...
Saturday: Sketchfest, though I have a lot of work to do so may not get to be involved too much.

Sun 12th Aug 9am Australian EST online chat. We'll be talking books, art, probably food, Selina Fenech's doing some give-aways, should be fun! (Yeah, I get to be one of the guests which should be fun!)…

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Jul 28, 2012, 6:45 PM

Just a quick note about commissions, I'm currently booked with work for several months. I'm happy to still do quotes, however I probably can't start on anything straight away for a couple of months at least.

Also, thank you for all the fave's and comments, I appreciate them all!

Devious Journal Entry

Wed Jun 13, 2012, 7:23 PM

Sydney trip

I've been busy working on paintings I can't show yet, and in amongst all the work I did a fly-by trip to Sydney to visit my brother and his partner over the weekend. One of these days I'll get down long enough to catch up with fellow fantasy artists … unfortunately this was a rescheduled trip snuck in over the long weekend. I had my trusty phone with me, but mobile phone networks in Australia are somewhat problematic, particularly when you get away from the city…. so pretty much no internet for a week! So a real holiday

My brother lives in 'Sydney', but he's in the outer suburbs, so after flying there, we know there's about an hour to hour and a half  of highway driving before we get to their place. I love flying, but I hate airports and waiting. I hate long car trips even more (ironic given that as a child we spent half our childhood in the back of the car criss-crossing Australia). Anyway, arrived Friday to glorious weather.

We were greeted with enthusiasm by Bentley, my brother's dog. He's a Rhodesian ridgeback x Staffy x Rottweiler or doberman, but he is lovely. Very gentle, absolutely loyal, and an all round mental case (I'm not a dog fan, I prefer cats, but I love Bentley to bits). I ate an apple at breakfast. The whole time, he sat there drooling. Yes, the dog that would rip your arm off if you entered his back yard or tried to hurt his family loves apples.

Anyway, sorry about the photo quality, they were all taken with my phone.

Bentley is my brother's dog. I'm not a dog person, but Bentley is gorgeous.

Anyway, back to the trip. After a quiet girls night (brother was on night shift), we did a late breakfast and decided to do a day trip to the Blue Mountains. We pulled in at a few lookouts, but I didn't take many photos. It was a beautiful winter day – cold, clear, sunny, but pretty nippy. It was about 12 degrees C which I absolutely loved. Waking up to 2 degrees C was awesome (I'm one of the few people who lives in the sub tropics but adores cold weather – well Australia's version of cold). My Mum came into the loungeroom at 7:30am, I was tucked under a blanket eating breakfast and she was like 'turn the heater on!' Best day ever!

Blue Mountains - from near Wentworth Falls

View of the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

And to prove I was there  ….really bad photo, Mum and I were is the shadows so I had to play with the levels

Blue Mountains (Me, Mum & my brother, yes, they are board shorts he is wearing)

Mum & I  arrived back at the Gold Coast to storms, a small amount of turbulence, running across the tarmac as the rain began (my umbrella was in my luggage of course!)

After dropping in my car for a service a few days later, Mum & I ducked down to Burleigh Heads to look at the surf. The waves were enormous… you can't see it from the photos, but trust me, they were big. The beaches were closed, and the water was even too rough for the regular surfers.

Burleigh Heads - big surf

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads - view towards Surfers

Burleigh Heads - view towards Surfers

Devious Journal Entry

Thu May 17, 2012, 3:01 PM

So, feels good, but weird to be changing my username. Nixjim13 was from when the internet was all new and shiny (and I wanted some anonymity). It's served me well for nearly 10 years, but I get tired of people assuming I'm a guy because of the Jim part.